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Thoughts on the Longines Legend Diver

The diver’s watch that Longines re-released as the Legend Diver was first introduced in the early 60s during the time when dive watches were being first introduced after the invention of SCUBA and with the many attempts at conquering the depths of the oceans.

Using two crowns symmetrically placed on the right side at 2 and 4 o’clock. The top crown is used to turn the internal uni-directional bezel while the other (also screwed down) is used with a pull to set the time, and with two, to quickly advance the date.

The model I received was the steel model with polished case with some bevels and mesh bracelet. The reference number L3-774-4-50-6. The mesh bracelet is perhaps the most distinctive feature with tiny intertwined wires that are polished on the exterior. Measuring 22 mm it gives a larger presence to the watch than when this watch comes on black rubber or leather strap.

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