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Collection of my full reviews for watches that I own or have owned as well as watches on long-term (at least a month) loan from brands.

Thoughts on My Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver PADI Edition SRPA21P9

Ask most watch lovers about the best entry level mechanical watches in production today and chances are a Seiko’s Prospex (“Professional Specifications”) model will top their list. There are many reasons why this is the case. In this in-depth review of my PADI special edition Prospex, we will explore some of the reasons. It is the first Seiko Prospex I purchased and one that has had a permanent place in my collection since 2017.

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Review of the Maurice de Mauriac Diver L2 Bronze Deep Red Watch

One of the joys of attending Baselworld and other watch events is meeting the folks behind these little objects we like. During my first Baselworld, when I was part of a bigger team and blog, I met Daniel Dreifuss, the founder of Maurice de Mauriac. I did not know anything about his brand but I was soon to learn that it did not matter since Daniel was so friendly and welcoming that you are hard press not to spend time learning about his watches.

After meeting Daniel at every subsequent Baselworld and also at SIHH this year, I agreed to review one of his watches. And while I appreciate many of the watches coming from this small Zurich brand, it was the watch that Daniel was wearing in Geneva that caught my attention: the L2 Bronze Deep Red.

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Thoughts on My Cartier Santos 100

Cartier is a design powerhouse in high jewelry. However, the brand holds a special place in wristwatch history and the collective minds of watch buyers for also having accomplish so much in watch design.

It’s often recounted how Louis Cartier popularized wrist watches for men by creating a special watch for his aviator friend Santos Dumont in 1904.

A hundred year later, the French luxury brand released the centenary anniversary edition of the watch in a bold amorphous diamond like carbon (aDLC) version of the original Santos watch called the Santos 100.

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Thoughts on the Oris Diver Bronze "Carl Brashear" Limited Edition

When Oris introduced their first bronze watch at the Basel watch show in 2016, I was immediately smitten. The proportions, styling, and historical significance of the Oris limited edition Carl Brashear SixtyFive were perfectly chosen. 

As a tribute to the late U.S. Navy Master Diver Carl Brashear, the inspiration for Cuba Godin Jr’s character and story in the movie: Men of Honor, the limited edition diver’s watch fitted me perfectly in the Oris showroom and I never lost the feeling of it on my wrist.

Problem is, it sold out before I got a chance to see it again at the local authorized dealers. And this seemed to have happen across the world and very quickly. I remember being in Hong Kong and Beijing, the same year, and not being able to see any exemplar at the many watch boutiques... 

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Thoughts on the Omega Speedmaster "Dark Side of the Moon"

When the Omega Speedmaster in black ceramic, or the Speedy “Dark Side of the Moon” (DSotM), was released at BaselWorld 2014 it caused quite a stir. It was easily the most talked about watch of the show and subsequently in watch blogs and forums. It was easily the most discussed, instagrammed, and anticipated watch post-Baselworld that year.

Pre-orders for the watch reach fever pitch, with tons of authorized dealers selling out before even receiving their first inventory. And at over $12,000 retail it was Omega finally releasing a version of their flagship chronograph watch priced to compete squarely with the Rolex Daytona. It was a damn cool watch, everyone agreed on that point.

However, did the excitement remain like it seems to permanently do with the Daytona? Omega had finally reached Rolex Daytona-level of pricing and buzz. Could Omega sustain the innovation, styling, and technology that was first introduced with the original black DSotM? And could Omega finally surpass it’s main competitor?

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Thoughts on the NOMOS Tangomat GMT

The NOMOS Tangomat GMT watch I review in this post is mine. I’ve owned it for over four years and while I don’t regular wear it, it counts amongst three watches I often take with me on business travels, as I did this last trip in early fall 2018 to Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and France.

In what follows I take a in-depth and critical look at a watch I use often and that I like and I discuss what could be done to make it perfect.

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Thoughts on the Longines Legend Diver

The diver’s watch that Longines re-released as the Legend Diver was first introduced in the early 60s during the time when dive watches were being first introduced after the invention of SCUBA and with the many attempts at conquering the depths of the oceans.

Using two crowns symmetrically placed on the right side at 2 and 4 o’clock. The top crown is used to turn the internal uni-directional bezel while the other (also screwed down) is used with a pull to set the time, and with two, to quickly advance the date.

The model I received was the steel model with polished case with some bevels and mesh bracelet. The reference number L3-774-4-50-6. The mesh bracelet is perhaps the most distinctive feature with tiny intertwined wires that are polished on the exterior. Measuring 22 mm it gives a larger presence to the watch than when this watch comes on black rubber or leather strap.

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Thoughts on the CASIO G-Shock 35th Anniversary Watches

So it was with great anticipation that I looked forward to adding the new 35th anniversary models to my own collection. I’ve had ProTrek as well as Rangeman models in my collection in recent years, but until seeing these new models, I never thought I would be looking forward to adding another CASIO to my collection and some that I could see using in my work rotation. And not just as beaters but as regular everyday watches. Since the models have yet to be widely available in the US, I ordered mine from Japan, and started with the resin model and quickly added the full metal to complete the collection. After wearing the watches for just over a month, what are my thoughts and experience?

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