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Read the in-depth review of the Seiko Prospex PADI. It has its quirks but it might be one of the best entry-level mechanical watches. Read more.

First look at this niche French brand with a consistent design and collection offering. Read more

The Horological Brothers are celebrating 10 years creating some of the most beautiful watches this side of Switzerland, in The Netherlands to be exact. What could the brothers show me for this special anniversary?

Read on for a brief first look at a special anniversary limited edition watch, some 2019 novelties, and also an up coming summer special feature with them. Read more.

Max Büsser creates some of the most desirable and out of this world mechanical wrist art. He does them in collaboration with other artists. Ever wonder how far his creative process takes him? What happens to the collaborations that do not end up as a watch? Well, visit one of the handful M.A.D. galleries to see for yourself as I did in Geneva in January. Read more

I take a brief look at some of Casio’s 2019 novelties in the G-Shock collection, especially the limited edition models. Are the worth the hefty price point? Read more

Brief look at the exceptional ladies timepieces from the Grande Maison of couture from COUTUREtime 2019 in Las Vegas, NV

The Tudor brand of watches is interesting. Not only because they are the watches from the “little sister” brand to the mighty Rolex, but because they have a design language onto themselves that many like and many don’t.

While I don’t own a Tudor watch and not many of their models sing to my sensibilities and aesthetic, I always like to see what novelties they produce every year.

At the COUTUREtime show in Las Vegas, I had this exact opportunity. It’s not clear I left with a lust for any of their new watches, but what Tudor showed me was streamlined, strong, well priced, and overall desirable. Let’s take a closer look.

Read more

Urwerk is one of these contemporary independent brands that usually leaves an impression when you visit them to see their novelties. It’s not that they only show something new, or something outrageously good every time I visit them, but rather it’s how I feel after seeing their timepieces. Read more.

Oris is one of these rare watch brands that seem to be genuinely liked by almost everyone in the watch community. What are they doing right? Well as a owner of three of their watches, I have my opinions. However, before I summarize what I think makes Oris special, let’s take a closer look at some of the novelties for 2019. Read more.

The watch fair for all is back in San Francisco’s art district.

Showcasing over 30 brands, including well known Oris and indies such as Autodromo, Halios, Oak & Oscar, Vero, Everest, Monta, Archimedes, and many more, Wind^Up is chance for watch collectors in the Bay Area to discover out of the beaten path brands working hard to put a solid watch on all wrists.

As mentioned, the show is open to all and will keep going on Saturday until 7p and Sunday from 11a to 6p. Head now to 459 Geary Street for a good time and all the watch nerdery you can handle.

First look at the Joker and Two-Face watches from RJ during Baselworld 2019. Read more…

Celebrating Scuderia Ferrari’s 90th anniversary, Hublot releases two sets of watches. One of which is truly novel and could become a collectible item for fans of both brands. Read more…

“The rumors of Baselworld death are greatly exaggerated” is the best way for me to describe my feelings after returning from the show in 2019.

Sure there are less exhibitors, 500 from a peak of 1,500; notably missing are the Swatch Group brands; and the number of participants is significantly reduced. However, as a media / press attendee, this was my best Baselworld from the four consecutive times I have attended. Maybe this is due to having more meetings, or a central press area in the main hall, or simply less traffic moving from meeting to meeting…

Regardless, Mark Twain’s famous quote is appropriate since Baselworld is a Swiss institution with over 100+ years of existence; and while this is a show in transition, my view is that it will survive and thrive again. How else can so many passionate folks about an archaic hobby meet and share a singular passion in less time, less travels, and less costs? Long live Baselworld!

In this abbreviated edition of what’s on your wrist I show you some of the most stylish attendees I encountered and got a chance to chat with and photograph. Hope you enjoy it as much as I had putting it together.

At SIHH I got an opportunity to see and handle all of Laurent Ferrier’s novelties for 2019. The famed Geneva independent brand released a small but varied collection in the typical classic, simple, yet with casual feel. Read more…

At SIHH in Geneva and Watches & Wonders in Miami Beach I got multiple opportunities to see, try on, and photograph Audemars Piguet’s bold new CODE 11.59 collection which includes 13 new references including simple, chronograph, complicated, and haute-horlogerie watches.

The social web has not been very kind, however, the watches are selling well and the blogosphere has been ambivalent. However, as you know, many of these criticisms are from folks who are judging on photographs or hearsay. What are the opinions of someone who had a chance to see all of the collection? And even try some on?

Read more for what I believe is a critical and fair first look…

At SIHH in Geneva in January, I got a chance to see and try on (for a few minutes) the novelties from one of my favorite brands: A. Lange & Söhne. Read more

The watches and style from select watch media and patron who attended Watches & Wonders in Miami Beach, FL

At Geneva Days during SIHH, TAG Heuer showed me the new version of their Carrera Tourbillon watch sporting bold new look with a brand new hairspring made of carbon and nanotubes. Read more

In Geneva in January Max Büsser shows me two novelties. One he designed and one he did not. In the tradition of MB&F, they are both insanely cool and out of this world. Read more

Zenith is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its famous El Primero movement. During Geneva Days the innovative brand gave a sneak peek at their novelties. Read more

A highlight at each watch fair is to meet with the horological brothers. This time Bart and Tim Grönefeld show me their first automatic watch. Read more

Bovet 1822 made its debut at the SIHH 2019 showing a collection of haute horlogerie timepieces that are as poetic and they are technical. Read more

At ArtBasel 2018 in Miami Beach, Audemars Piguet sponsored a second artist: Davide Quayola. This is the second collaboration with the artist. And this time he created a movie that AP played at their booth in the VIP lounge at the main ArtBasel fairground.

I got a chance to briefly interview Quayola about his mystical movie that interplays sound and layers of computer graphics on top of a landscape birds eye view of the Valée the Joux.

Read more to to understand what Quayola’s methods are, what he’s trying to accomplish, and what AP gets out of it.

The French luxury brand Cartier is a design powerhouse; regularly releasing new, stylish, attractive, and cool watch designs. Some of these designs have staying power. The model I review here was released for its 100th anniversary. It’s my favorite. Read more

During ArtBasel in Miami Beach in December 2018, I got an opportunity to visit Parmigiani Fleurier’s only US store at the Miami Design District where I got to meet and chat with artist Rafael Barrios. The Venezuelan-born sculptor created a series of pieces that are showcased at the store. They are 3D art that have different views, sometimes looking like levitating stacked objects, depending on the angle you look at them. They reminded me of how Parmigiani’s watches also require different views and angles and knowledge to appreciate the craftsmanship and the high-level of expertise that goes into each. Read more

At ArtBasel 2018 in Miami Beach, FL, Hublot celebrated Dozie Kanu as a young designer. I take this opportunity to recap the event and Kanu’s art, but also to discuss the brand and address the common criticism often made by its detractors. Read more

During ArtBasel 2018 in Miami Beach, FL I had the honor of interviewing Mr. Olivier Audemars, direct descendant to one of the founders of Audemars Piguet (AP). He is a deep thinker, a philosopher, and AP historian. Read more

At ArtBasel 2018 in Miami Beach, FL, Audemars Piguet sponsors the Aerocene Albedo art project which aims to find sustainable alternative lifestyles that make use of the power of the sun. Read more

What are my thoughts on owning and wearing (often) the original Oris bronzo? Find out and see tons of original photos — including developing patina for over a year. Read more

Visit to the new Sinn digs in Frankfurt am Main. See tons of live photos and brief recap at this beloved German watch brand. Read more

The Omega Speedmaster DSotM is a modern legend. It was the hottest, most talked about, watch of 2014. I’ve owned it ever since. Is it still a watch I wear? Do I still like it? What are my thoughts on this icon? Read more

I recently took a business trip over Europe and brought along with me the NOMOS Tangomat GMT. What are my thoughts on this classically-designed Bauhaus watch? Read more

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