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Collection of my full reviews for watches that I own or have owned as well as watches on long-term (at least a month) loan from brands.

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Review of the Maurice de Mauriac Diver L2 Bronze Deep Red Watch

One of the joys of attending Baselworld and other watch events is meeting the folks behind these little objects we like. During my first Baselworld, when I was part of a bigger team and blog, I met Daniel Dreifuss, the founder of Maurice de Mauriac. I did not know anything about his brand but I was soon to learn that it did not matter since Daniel was so friendly and welcoming that you are hard press not to spend time learning about his watches.

After meeting Daniel at every subsequent Baselworld and also at SIHH this year, I agreed to review one of his watches. And while I appreciate many of the watches coming from this small Zurich brand, it was the watch that Daniel was wearing in Geneva that caught my attention: the L2 Bronze Deep Red.

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