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Thoughts on the Oris Diver Bronze "Carl Brashear" Limited Edition

When Oris introduced their first bronze watch at the Basel watch show in 2016, I was immediately smitten. The proportions, styling, and historical significance of the Oris limited edition Carl Brashear SixtyFive were perfectly chosen. 

As a tribute to the late U.S. Navy Master Diver Carl Brashear, the inspiration for Cuba Godin Jr’s character and story in the movie: Men of Honor, the limited edition diver’s watch fitted me perfectly in the Oris showroom and I never lost the feeling of it on my wrist.

Problem is, it sold out before I got a chance to see it again at the local authorized dealers. And this seemed to have happen across the world and very quickly. I remember being in Hong Kong and Beijing, the same year, and not being able to see any exemplar at the many watch boutiques... 

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