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Thoughts on the Omega Speedmaster "Dark Side of the Moon"

When the Omega Speedmaster in black ceramic, or the Speedy “Dark Side of the Moon” (DSotM), was released at BaselWorld 2014 it caused quite a stir. It was easily the most talked about watch of the show and subsequently in watch blogs and forums. It was easily the most discussed, instagrammed, and anticipated watch post-Baselworld that year.

Pre-orders for the watch reach fever pitch, with tons of authorized dealers selling out before even receiving their first inventory. And at over $12,000 retail it was Omega finally releasing a version of their flagship chronograph watch priced to compete squarely with the Rolex Daytona. It was a damn cool watch, everyone agreed on that point.

However, did the excitement remain like it seems to permanently do with the Daytona? Omega had finally reached Rolex Daytona-level of pricing and buzz. Could Omega sustain the innovation, styling, and technology that was first introduced with the original black DSotM? And could Omega finally surpass it’s main competitor?

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