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#WOYW Baselworld 2019

Select stylish attendees with their watches at Baselworld 2019 in Basel, Switzerland

“The rumors of Baselworld death are greatly exaggerated” is the best way for me to describe my feelings after returning from the show in 2019.

Sure there are less exhibitors, 500 from a peak of 1,500; notably missing are the Swatch Group brands; and the number of participants is significantly reduced. However, as a media / press attendee, this was my best Baselworld from the four consecutive times I have attended. Maybe this is due to having more meetings, or a central press area in the main hall, or simply less traffic moving from meeting to meeting…

Regardless, Mark Twain’s famous quote is appropriate since Baselworld is a Swiss institution with over 100+ years of existence; and while this is a show in transition, my view is that it will survive and thrive again. How else can so many passionate folks about an archaic hobby meet and share a singular passion in less time, less travels, and less costs? Long live Baselworld!

In this abbreviated edition of what’s on your wrist I show you some of the most stylish attendees I encountered and got a chance to chat with and photograph. Hope you enjoy it as much as I had putting it together.